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Cave Force

Cave Force -- Men of Grit, Character,a nd Integrity

They came from the woods and hills of the Ozarks - men of grit, character, and integrity. They were products of their environment. They were rugged and unstoppable. They were the eaters of LITTLE DEBBIE SWISS CAKE ROLLS!

Together, these men would form a union steeped in mystery and forged in the bonds of brotherhood. As masters of subterranean exploration, they could enter and explore the bowels of the Earth at a moments notice. In short, they were cave explorers extraordinaire! Thus, it is this union, this group that would attain legendary status as a living, breathing entity, a conglomeration of the blood, sweat, and energies of its individual members.

Known as CAVE FORCE by friend and foe alike, it is this group that will light the way toward mankind’s future. It is Cave Force that shall brighten the darkened tunnel which leads to what has not yet been known. In summation, it must be stated, both firmly and unequivocably, that CAVE FORCE RULES!